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Board & Management Studies

The Board and Senior Management of a bank are accountable to not only the bank’s shareholders and depositors, but also to its regulators. The long-term viability of a bank depends on a strong, independent, attentive and proactive Board, as the Board sets the tone and direction for the bank. The Board appoints and oversees management’s ongoing efforts to ensure the bank’s success. In difficult times, an active and involved Board can help a bank survive. As such, it is critical that a bank periodically assess the quality of Board and management oversight and activity.


Many times, Board and Management Studies will be included with an enforcement action. If that is the case, please let us know. Our Board and Management Study Program has helped several banks come back from the brink and has helped them become healthy and viable once again. If you haven’t had any issues identified by your regulators – fantastic! But, why not be proactive?! Show your regulators that you are willing to look in the mirror and assess your Board and management’s performance. In fact, this could be a time to showcase the strength and effectiveness of your Board and management.

June 13, 2023 - Webinar: Top 10 Hot Spots on Compliance Exams

       ~ Molly Stull

June 27, 2023 - Webinar: Consumer Real Estate Appraisal Reviews

       ~ Dawn Kincaid

June 7, 2023 - Webinar: Branch Managers & Head Tellers: Managing the Critical Aspects

       ~ Molly Stull

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