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Strategic Planning

Effective strategic planning is essential to laying the foundation for the future of your bank. The strategic plan of the bank is a powerful tool for monitoring your bank’s progress and for helping it attain the goals expected by the bank’s shareholders. We have developed a Strategic Planning Initiative that has evolved with the changes in the regulatory landscape, experience and execution. Our Strategic Planning initiative provides you a professionally authored strategic plan for your bank that includes action plans and tools for implementation of the plan.



Strategic Planning Retreat
Most often, our clients request a Strategic Planning retreat - a session away from the demands of daily business - to focus on the bank's future. As such, we have developed a general outline for our retreats, which may be tailored to your needs. Prior to the retreat, we will provide a questionnaire to Board members and senior management, which will provide feedback on the goals and objectives they envision for the bank. The information obtained from these questionnaires is then used to design and coordinate a strategic planning retreat that will provide a forum for discussion, reflection and vision. We will also perform a comprehensive financial analysis of your bank, providing comparisons with your local and national peers, which will be incorporated into a handbook provided at the retreat.


The discussions during the full-day retreat will focus on the bank's historical performance and feasibility of future initiatives. Our Strategic Planning Specialist acts as the facilitator for that day with the additional purpose of obtaining the information needed to develop the strategic plan.


We may meet with management, at your request, after the retreat to develop action plans and Board reporting processes for initiatives developed during the retreat. We will work with you to address the following:


  • Summarizing the key goals and objectives from the retreat

  • Identifying and discussing the tactics that will need implementation in order to attain the goals and objectives

  • Developing action plans, and committees where appropriate, to monitor the bank’s progress in key projects identified during the retreat

  • Developing the quarterly reporting process to the Board

  • Discussing the marketing necessary to support the bank’s goals


Upon completion of the retreat, we will develop a preliminary strategic plan for the Board and management to review. A finalized strategic plan will be delivered to the President and/or CEO after the Board and management have provided input.

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