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Our Mission...

"Our mission is to provide exceptional consulting services and to be strategic partners to bank management. We strive to cultivate meaningful relationships with our clients and provide real world solutions to ensure their needs are not only met...but exceeded!"

Brode Consulting Services, Inc. has built a solid reputation for providing comprehensive risk management services across the banking industry. Owned by long-time banking authority Ann Brode-Harner, Brode Consulting Services, Inc. has helped financial institutions across the country develop and maintain effective Compliance and Loan Review functions; Board and management oversight programs; and risk assessment processes. Our educational program has helped bankers and Board members stay on track with regulatory changes and top industry practices. Our programs are continually in high demand as they have been extensively tested over time and have passed regulatory scrutiny.


We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our consulting staff and familiarize yourself with our services – those that we’ve offered for years to maintain strong risk management functions, as well as those recently developed in response to regulatory changes.


We know how valuable your time is and we understand the demands of maintaining strong risk management programs in this changing regulatory environment. We provide an efficient, cost-effective means to build and maintain strong, effective risk management functions. Our business thrives on helping our clients achieve this goal and ensure program continuity. We look forward to working with you in taking your risk management functions to the next level.

Have a Problem You Need to Discuss? Call Us Now for a FREE Consultation!

Compliance questions? Upcoming changes? Exam findings? Let us help you today! Give us a call at 330.730.3843 and we will set up a FREE telephone consultation with one of our experienced consultants. 

June 18, 2024 - Webinar: Accurately Completing the CTR Line-By-Line

       ~ Dawn Kincaid

July 9, 2024 - Webinar: Account Documentation Series: Real Estate Loan Documentation Basics

       ~ Dawn Kincaid

June 27, 2024 - Webinar: Successful Compliance Auditing & Monitoring

       ~ Molly Stull

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